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M2 in Modern Healthcare Magazine

It’s a competitive field out there for recruiting new docs into your practice.  But Mike Munger has faced this challenge head on in recent months, bringing on over 10 new Family Physicians into the St. Luke’s Health System, where he is currently serving as their interim CEO. Read about the competitive field and M2’s success in Modern […]

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AAFP Leadership Conferences

M2 and MACRA

The long-awaited proposed rule on new payment models was released 4/27. For more information and the relief for insomnia alluded to in M2’s tweet, go to:

M2 for AAFP President-elect
M2 for AAFP President-elect

The Kansas Academy of Family Physicians is proud to nominate Dr. Mike Munger, a candidate known for thinking outside of the box, for AAFP President-elect.   His initials are M-SQUARED and he brings the exponent factor.  You will find his leadership skills, diverse experience, passion for family medicine and vision for our shared future will exponentially make […]

FMCC 2016

M2 in Washington DC April 19-20 at Family Medicine Congressional Conference 2016  

M2 speaks on shortage of Primary Care Physicians

With Wyandotte County struggling to address a shortage of primary care physicians, KCUR features a discussion exploring how that shortage affects doctors, patients and the health of our communities. Plus, what does it mean to be healthy, anyway?

More M2 in the Media

Mike’s voice is heard in these articles: Becoming a Patient Centered Medical Home  Becoming a Medical Home: Lessons Learned Customer Service a Key Element to Your Practice Building Patient Relationships Through Your Staff  

M2 in the Media, Again
M2 in the Media, Again

WSJ: When Patients Manage Doctors M2 gets the coveted last word in Wall Street Journal article, “When Patients Manage Doctors.” Michael Munger, a family physician in Overland Park, Kan., said he regularly coordinates care for his patients, most of whom have multiple chronic conditions. That part of the job, he said, means “getting the patient […]

M2 in the media: on baseball, chickenpox & learning from the Royals’ pain

Royal Pain: Team’s Chickenpox Incident Offers Lesson for Patients The Kansas City Royals have become a shining example of how to succeed in a small market in an era when baseball teams with the highest payrolls are often the biggest winners when it comes to the playoffs. After decades of futility, the reigning American League […]

M2 in the Media
M2 in the Media

M2 mentioned in “Physicians Practice” In a recent Physicians Practice article, “Your Guide to Firing Medical Practice Staff,”  M2 is quoted regarding the termination process. Throughout the termination process, it is important to show the employee the respect he deserves, both because it’s the right thing to do and because it minimizes ill will, says Michael Munger, […]